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The healthcare delivery model is changing towards value-based model. The Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) has created a Triple Aim goal to improve patient experience, improve population health and lower the cost of care. As a forward-thinking organization, our providers share similar goals of the Triple Aim.

TECQ Foundation mission is to provide a premier healthcare experience for our providers and patients via aligning physicians and patients experience through the engagement of Technology, Experience, Cost and Quality.

Our goal is to improve our members health while decreasing on the administrative burden and cost of healthcare. To this end, our providers agree to the following compact:

  • PCP providers proactively evaluate our members chronic medical conditions. Acute conditions are seen promptly.
  • Specialist providers work with our team to maximize access of care for members.
  • Adhere to evidence-based standards of care.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and inappropriate utilization of services.
  • Participate in care coordination to improve patient outcome.
  • Participate in quality improvement programs.

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